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"I paint flowers so they will not die."- Frida Kahlo

As a child, my favorite day was when my mother bought me a new box of Crayola Crayons,

the 64 count box. Nothing was better than opening that box and seeing all the colors at my fingertips. That's what started my love for creating pictures. I love the process of painting, from sketching my subject to determining values to mixing colors and everything in between. For me, it's like working on a puzzle, trying to figure out the best way to create the illusion of the 3-dimensional on the 2-dimensional canvas.

I am inspired to paint what I see around me. Sometimes it's the colors in the clouds of a

sunset; sometimes, it's the way a palm tree moves in the wind or the way the light plays

across the petals of a flower; sometimes, it's the eyes of a Husky. It can be the many shades of white on a shell I found walking a beach or the curves, creases, and turns of a person's face.

I have been painting or making art for as long as I could hold a crayon. I studied Fine Art at

Boston University and graduated with a BFA in Graphic Design from The College of New

Jersey. After working for several years in Packaging Design, I picked up my paintbrush

again and haven't looked back.

I've exhibited with the Freehold Art Society and the Guild of Creative Art.


Currently, I have a studio at Art Edge Gallery in Naples, Florida.

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